tooth ache, broken teeth, or lost crowns

When your teeth need urgent treatment

You may have an accident, bite down on something which breaks a tooth, crown or veneer or suddenly have a terrible toothache. We are here for you and will do our best to relieve your pain or discomfort and restore your smile.

We urge patients to contact us at the earliest opportunity, preferably first thing in the morning as we have daily emergency appointments available to accommodate patients in pain.

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When Accidents happen

Broken Teeth

If you have broken a tooth, or feel that a filling may have come loose or perhaps there is a rough area in your mouth do contact us to make an appointment. Repairs to your natural teeth are straightforward and can usually be completed on the day of your appointment. 

If a previous filling or a large section of your tooth has broken, we will ensure a temporary filling is placed to relieve you of discomfort and arrange a future appointment to complete your treatment. 

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Finding and Treating the cause of pain


Pain is how our body communicates that something is not right and needs attention. Toothache is no different and problems can occasionally begin with little or no warning signs. The cause of a toothache could be for a number of reasons such as inflamed gum tissue, an infection from a tooth or jaw pain – whatever the symptoms we would recommend you contact us if something doesn’t feel right – “better safe than sorry”

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Panic and embarrassment

Loose or Lost Crowns, Bridges or Veneers

From time to time you may find that your crown, bridge or veneer can come loose – it often happens at the most inconvenient of times when you have an important meeting or event planned and can often be quite stressful.

Please do not be alarmed – if intact these can usually be recemented during an emergency appointment. Please keep your crown, bridge or veneer safe and bring it to your appointment and we will do our best to recement it.

If you notice that your crown, bridge or veneer feel loose we advise not to leave this untreated as food and bacteria can gather in areas that are difficult for you to clean which increases the risk of decay.

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